Harrison Butker: The Key To Happiness Is Starting a Family

John Simmons | May 9, 2023
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Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker has done it all. He was a standout athlete at Georgia Tech, has had an equally successful NFL career, earned lots of money, and won two Super Bowl rings.

Most people would give much to have the life that Butker has led. And when college students finish their academic careers and are looking for the next big dream to pursue, most envision a life similar to his, because they believe some version of it will bring them happiness.

But at Georgia Tech’s most recent commencement ceremony (for which he was the keynote speaker), Butker didn’t tell the graduating class to chase a successful career, lots of money, or fame as an athlete. Instead, Butker encouraged everyone who was listening to him to get married and start a family as soon as possible, because that brings a deeper sense of satisfaction to someone’s life. He also noted that many problems we see in our culture stem from a lack of strong families.

"It doesn’t matter which political persuasion you sit on or whether you are a person of deep faith or not. Anyone with eyes can see that something is off. Studies have shown one of the many negative effects of the pandemic is that a lot of young adults feel a sense of loneliness, anxiety and depression, despite technology that has connected us more than ever before. It would seem the more connected people are to one another, the more they feel alone. I’m not sure the root of this, but at least I can offer one controversial antidote that I believe will have a lasting impact for generations to come, get married and start a family."

Every young adult should watch the full video…and then do it again, and again.

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More and more people in their early 20s and even 30s are putting off marriage because they believe that happiness is found in being free from deep relational attachments, and that they can find joy wherever and whenever they want. But that mindset leads to many problems.

It means that more young adults are wandering aimlessly and lonely through their life while they chase the next high. It means that they are waiting longer to start solid families, which America needs desperately. 

If more people my age were more committed to raising healthy families, many of the relational and cultural issues we face today would either not exist, or at least not be as prevalent. Strong families are the foundation for strong societies.

Obviously, there’s more in our culture that needs addressing than simply adding more strong families. But Butker is right to say it's where we need to start, and it is inspiring to hear someone as famous as him highlight the importance of valuing marriage and kids.

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