Harris Avoids Mentioning God At 'Faith Leaders' Abortion Meeting

P. Gardner Goldsmith | June 13, 2022
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Rarely at a loss for words, at a June 6 “Roundtable Discussion” on what Kamala Harris and her PR-team call ““Reproductive Healthcare,” and with people the VP labels ”Faith Leaders,” Harris found it impossible, or prohibitively inconvenient, to mention the words “God” and “abortion.”

Of course, in the transcript of her theatrics, she did manage to mention herself – 21 times.

And that wasn’t all the revealing information – about Harris, and, possibly, about politics – one can observe in this sad and meaningless stunt. Just her conceited, nonsensical opening tells us a great deal about the entity in which Kamala and her cronies put their “faith.”

I want to thank these extraordinary leaders for being here today for a very important conversation that we will have about the challenges facing our nation, but our collective commitment to address these challenges in a way that inspires hope and optimism and grace and dignity and love.

That’s right. It’s the collective – or to be more precise, the state, i.e. the coercive political collective that she and her ilk constantly try to portray as a voluntary agency, but which exists and operates only through force, taxation, and the prohibition of free will.

The state replaces God.

And why not? Among many fundamental and essential prohibitions, God commands that we should not steal, or bear false witness, or murder.

Yet, by its very title, and how Harris and her assistants are paid, this meeting and those in the VPs offices promote all three of those sins.

Claiming it’s “reproductive healthcare” to take the life of another human being while the baby grows in the womb is, simply put, untrue.

Promoting and helping to facilitate the taking of another person’s earnings through taxation is to promote or engage in theft. And promoting or, through the polis, helping to pay for, abortions is to engage in the promotion of or payment for murder.

Yes, it makes sense that Harris never mentioned God, and, instead, replaced faith in Him with “faith” in the lowly, man-centered, state.




And in a sick irony, she also continued to push the left’s tiresome and unfair implication that pro-life, pro-self-defense, small-government, libertarian, anti-war, traditionalist Americans are the hateful ones who want to harm others.

(W)hat I believe is something that requires all of the leaders at this table, which is what we have been experiencing in terms of what I call an ‘epidemic of hate,’ where we have seen so many communities who are being targeted — individuals who are being targeted simply because of who they are.

If images of forceps and blood pop into one’s mind, you might not be alone. The sheer audacity of inverting those who promote life and those who promote death and aggression is stunning. And it did not go unnoticed.

As Charlie Spiering notes for Breitbart:

The right of a mother to kill her child in the womb, Harris explained, should be ‘unfettered’ by the government and the courts.

‘So, that conversation, of course, in my mind, is a conversation that requires us to also discuss whether we value the concept of self-determination — the ability of an individual to make decisions about their own life and the future of their life and the choices that will directly impact so many other choices,’ she said.

But, see, Harris is not opposed to the state on principle. It would be one thing if she quit her job and stood firm against taxing others to pay cops, courts, wars, and bureaucrats whom she repeatedly promotes as agents of our protection and betterment. But she WANTS all those things, especially to protect HER – even as she claims that the taking of a baby in the womb is a perfectly acceptable “choice” and the government should NOT get involved.

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Writing for The Washington Examiner, Heather Hamilton offers more voices to the growing crowd who take offense with Harris’ posturing and inversion of morality.

Other leaders not in attendance took to social media to react to her comments.

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America noted that the vice president also avoided saying the word “abortion.

Indeed, not only did the Susan B. Anthony organization notice this, Hamilton reports that Ken Ham, the CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis Tweeted:

Kamala Harris is quoted saying ‘We need faith in each other, in our nation and in our future.’ What we all actually need is faith & trust in our Creator God & Savior, & to know and believe His Word. But then she would have to give up her support for...

Yeah, you got it. Abortion.

Specifically, Harris used her appearance to fan the flames of misapprehension by portraying a possible Supreme Court overturn of “Roe v Wade” as both unconstitutional and as causing a sudden stoppage of abortion (called “reproductive health” and “choice” and “privacy” in her man-based world, of course).

She actually portrayed the promotion of abortion-at-will, the promotion of murder, as part of this “collective faith.”

And how will we then — as those who are guided by our faith, who believe in the best of what we are and who we can be — how will we speak with and talk about the people who are going to be directly impacted by that decision and how we uplift them in a way that they do not feel alone and without options?

Which brings to mind a final observation…

In a recent conversation with writer/comedian/actor Russell Brand, author and economics commentator Matt Stoller offered a remark that might resonate with many who see this Harris performance as an in-your-face example of how Western materialists have, for over a century, replaced belief in God with a cultish embrace of human “togetherness,” “transcendence,” and “purpose” through the force of the state.

Generally speaking, he said:

When people don’t have a metaphysical language to communicate with each other, they create cults. And I think that a lot of that culture-warring that you see is imbuing traditional ‘sanctification’ over political figures. Like, if you look at Ruth Bader Ginsberg, you know, what people were saying about her was, effectively, making her a saint.

Stoller’s observation is quite valid and valuable.

But there’s more to it than that. This sanctification of the state and its transient “robber-in-power” parade come not only from a Godless vacancy people might want to fill by rolling in the state as savior.

The state, the polis, itself, pushes out God. From its inception and by its nature, it breaks bonds and continually encroaches. Generation after generation, its occupants work to create new offices, new “crises” needing material salvation – and that, in their eyes and words, only can be done by the state.

Tax thievery, coercion, and sacrificial offerings of innocents don’t matter to the statist-materialist, as long as the government is perpetuated.

Man creates an idol, called government, and lost generations venerate it.

Just as Harris has done.

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