HAPPENING NOW: Massive Illegal Alien Crowd Tries to Push Past Border Fencing

Brittany M. Hughes | July 19, 2021

A massive group of hundreds of aspiring illegal aliens – many of them adult men – just showed up to the U.S. border in Hidalgo, Texas, demanding to be let into the country.

And the footage is more than a little disturbing.

On his Twitter page, Fox News reporter Bill Melugin posted photos and clips from the scene, where a crowd estimated at 300-500 people, many of them reportedly from Haiti, have gathered at a border fence and tried to force their way past border agents and into the country. While many in the crowd are clearly adult men, the footage shows children and toddlers mixed in with the mass of bodies pressing against the gate.

Speaking with border agents on the ground, Melugin reports immigration officials have told him they’re at a loss as to how to handle the crowd given the already maxxed-out local border facilities, which simply don’t have the capacity to take on such an influx all at once.

"What we've been told is border patrol doesn't know what to do with these folks,” Melugin reported, adding that agents are being backed up by National Guard troops from Florida, Nebraska and Texas.

“Their processing centers are already completely overcapacity, their facility in Dallas is also overcapacity, so when you have a group of between 300 to 500. They don't physically have the space."

About 150 people, most of them families with children, have already been allowed through the gates as border agents attempted to keep out adult males trying to push their way through the cracked door.