'Hang the Whites': Outrage After Black Rapper Calls for Killing White Babies, Their Parents in Music Video

Alex Hall | September 28, 2018
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According to Sky News, a rapper by the name of Nick Conrad in France has sparked outrage after releasing a song and music video entitled "Pendez Les Blancs," which translates to, "Hang the Whites." 

The video reportedly shows Conrad and a friend apparently torturing a white person before hanging him.

One part of the song reads, "I go into [nurseries] and kill white babies. Catch them quickly and hang their parents to entertain black kids of all ages.”

The graphic music video gained thousands of views before it was taken down on Wednesday, and rocketed his previously obscure name to the top of French Twitter this past Wednesday. 

In a show of decency and bipartisanship that seems sadly rare in today's world, both sides of the racism debate came together. Anti-racism groups actually managed to condemn this video as "racist."

Anti-racism group LICRA notably filed a police complaint, saying, "This racist call for murder... is abject and unbelievably violent." This is worth noting because in American academia and left-wing media, this would have been critiqued as a prejudiced call to violence, but not as "racism" per se, because according to modern feminist terminology, racism is "prejudice plus power," meaning a person of an oppressed class cannot be "racist" towards somebody with more privilege than them, even if they are advocating for their genocide.

Platforms like CNN, Huffington Post, and numerous others have helped disseminate this definition. Even economically-conservative publication Forbes has submitted to this ideology. It is reassuring to see that in France, this absurdity has not taken hold, and that they call out racial hatred no matter who incites it. 

French government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux notes that he condemned the "hateful, nauseating lyrics in the strongest possible terms."

French populist leader Marine Le Pen predictably said the video is proof of "anti-white racism" in France. 

The rapper claims that the video was an ironic piece, claiming it is merely "fiction" and that he "wanted to reverse the roles of the white man and the black man, and propose a different perception of slavery," and that hidden within is "a message of deep love." He also mentions that it "...was also part of a mini-series whose episodes would complement, argue my thinking."

He is under investigation by French authorities.

He describes himself as an "Afro-French" citizen and a "sophisticated Parisian" while also calling for "a mutiny" against France and accusing it of being a "colonizing nation." His video was supported by an equally infamous entertainer, Dieudonne M’bala Mbala, who has been convicted of numerous hate crimes himself.

Mbala praised Conrad's "fight against the lies of history," and added, "May God preserve us from the trap of racial hatred that is only there to serve the interests of Zionism."

With recent years of terror attacks in France such as the Bataclan massacre and the 2016 church attack in Normandy, or farm murders and proposed land seizures in South Africa gaining public awareness, murdering white people and their offspring is no laughing matter. What does being "French" or "Parisian" mean if one casually promotes genocide of its indigenous population?

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