Hammer Time: U.S.-Hating Olympian Deserves Punishment, Says Ex-NFL Player

Jay Maxson | June 28, 2021

Disgraced U.S. Olympian Gwen Berry tried this morning to tweet her way out of the doghouse by claiming she loves America. She has a strange way of showing it, as she turned her back on the flag at last week’s U.S. Olympic track and field trials. Former NFL player Jack Brewer appeared on Fox News Monday and slammed woke athletes like Berry for their disrespectful “garbage” behavior.

During an interview on Fox & Friends with Brian Kilmeade, Brewer said the U.S. and International Olympic committees need to do something about the despicable protests marring sports.

“Her uniform says ‘America,’” Brewer remarked. “She’s representing America, and the U.S. Olympic (and Paralympic) Committee needs to do something about this garbage. But what really saddens me is that we have a culture -- and it’s growing -- a culture of people who disrespect our nation, disrespect our flag and disrespect our anthem. It shouldn’t be allowed.”

Berry claims to be standing up against racism, but Brewer says he has news for her. A lot of black women experienced “real racism” and the only reason they got through it is because they live in America, where the U.S. Constitution allows people to go after freedom and pursue their dreams.

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We need to start educating athletes and the youth who are indoctrinated in public schools, “being indoctrinated by this liberal media and that are starting to hate this country,” Brewer continued.

Brewer spoke of the “massive divide” in the nation and said it’s not being caused by Donald Trump, conservatives or the patriots in America. “It’s because of this leftist mentality that doesn’t appreciate what this country has done for them, allowing them the freedoms to go out and compete in sports.”

Berry is being completely disrespectful of the Americans who died in defense of freedom. And Brewer is “just sick and tired of hearing it.” He said she is the antithesis of 1936 Gold medalist Jesse Owens, who was the son of a sharecropper and the grandson of a slave. “He stood on the podium (in Berlin) and proudly represented this nation.”

Kilmeade asked Brewer for his opinion on the consequences of Berry shaming America again at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. Brewer responded that it should be hammering time for the U.S. hammer thrower: “They should bar her from competition.”

Furthermore, Brewer said there is a spiritual battle underway in our nation. The forces of evil are dividing us with critical race theory and spreading hateful messages. “We need to stop it, the Olympics is the time for unity and that’s the only thing it needs to represent, in the name of Jesus.”