Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre Says 'I'm with Tucker,' Calls to Boycott Fox News 'Until They Come to Their Senses'

Nick Kangadis | May 9, 2023
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It’s not exactly what Fox News was thinking when they “parted ways” with their highest-rated host Tucker Carlson. Either they weren’t thinking, they were forced in some way to distance themselves from the truth-telling anchor or Carlson was just too honest for a major news outlet to house.

However you want to look at it, with that one move Fox News lost a good portion of its audience, and it’s not far-fetched to say that a portion of that portion will never come back to being a routine viewer of the network.

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre is one of the people who claims to be boycotting Fox “until they come to their senses and let the man speak.”

The former Green Bay Packer great sent out a tweet on Monday that conveyed his displeasure with Fox and his support for Carlson, while having a video of former Fox News host Megyn Kelly blasting the network for “silencing” Carlson, as well as the viewers who she predicts will return to Rupert Murdoch-owned outlet.

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“You’re going to go to Fox News,” Kelly said in the video Favre shared. “You can’t go to CNN. You’re not going to go to Newsmax. You’re not going to go to digital media. You’re going to tune in to the Fox News primetime, you lapdogs. It’s what you always do. It’s how they have billions.”

Unfortunately for Favre, because Carlson no longer works for the outlet, he might be boycotting Fox for the foreseeable future.

For more of Favre's thoughts on the subject, check out his Monday interview on Newsmax below:



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