Hailey Bieber BLASTED For Being White And Wearing Brown Lipstick

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | September 27, 2022
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I swear to you, the media finds the smallest thing to nit-pick when they have nothing good to talk about. On today’s episode of what the hell is wrong with our society: only certain races can wear certain lipsticks. 

Supermodel Hailey Bieber faced criticism this weekend over a TikTok video about a new lipstick technique that she tried out. She called her makeup trick “brownie glazed lips” which involved using a brownish tinted lip liner and blending it with a clear glossy lip treatment from Rhode, her beauty brand. 

Bieber’s beauty tips trended a few months ago when “The Hailey Bieber Nails” went viral. She called them “glazed donut” nails in a white/pearl color and then later “chocolate glazed donut” nails to kickstart fall. Given her names for her other trends, it’s fair to assume that the name “brownie glazed lips” were a play on the brown color as well as the brown baked pastry. 

Even though Bieber was simply trying to show of her pretty lipstick and promote her new beauty brand, internet social justice warriors went for her throat for “cultural appropriation.”

Their complaints even led Good Morning America to feature a segment on social media “freaking out” about Bieber’s use of brown lipstick.  

“I know that that that lip combo is not ‘Hailey Bieber Lips,’ it is a latina and black woman lip combo,” one female user declared. I didn’t know that latina and black women had copyright trademarks on certain shades of lipstick. 

Another female explained her frustration with Bieber’s trending lipstyle: “African American and latina women get denigrated for the way that they present their body, the way they would wear their hair,  they would use words like ‘ghetto’ or ‘ratchet’ and have these ideas to degenerate women.” 

GMA, there's much bigger s**t to deal with and much bigger issues in the world than Hailey Bieber's freaking lipstick routine. 

On TikTok users posted sarcastic comments like “Latina queen” or “my tia did this in the 90s” and a bunch who asked for Bieber to “give credit” to black and latino women. 

The supposed issue with Bieber’s lip combo is that african american and latino (and even white) women have been doing something similar since the 90s … but does that mean that a Bieber, now 30 years later, can’t also partake in a pretty trend? 

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If Bieber is racist for choosing to wear a brown lip shade, are black girls racist or participating in “cultural appropriation” when they dye their brown/black hair blonde? Or, what about when they wear bright red lipstick? Wasn’t that a Marilyn Monroe (white female) staple? 

The thing is, Bieber didn’t even claim to have invented wearing a brown tinted liner with a clear gloss on her lips. She posted it on TikTok as more of a discovery of a cool beauty trick. 

But, leave it to radical social justice warriors and the leftist media to make every damn thing about racism. 

Alright, I gotta blast. Off to CVS to get some brown lip liner and a gloss. 

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