Hacktastic! Watch ‘Helter Stelter’


What happens when you cross The Beatles with a dishonest, self-important, potato-shaped CNN hack? Nothing good.

Still, Brian Stelter, the host of “Reliable Sources,” (stop laughing!) deserves a song of his own. When he’s not crawling into bed and crying, he works hard -- hey you try complaining about Fox News 24/7 while your own network plumbs new depths of propaganda and viewership.

So instead of the Fab Four classic “Helter Skelter” from The White Album, give a listen to The Winged Potatoes’ “Helter Stelter” from The Whine Album. If you’re not familiar with Brian -- and judging by his ratings, you’re not -- turn up the volume and get ready to meet CNN’s Chief Media Correspondent! (Hey, why do you keep laughing?)

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