A Guy's Complaining About Getting His Period. Please Stop the Planet.


A transgender man (better known by those of us with basic science skills as a woman) recently posted a video to YouTube in which he complains that – gasp! – he has been forced to endure the monthly vengeful return of Auntie Flo.

Of course, he is actually a she – which is obvious because men don’t get walloped by an unpleasant uterine evacuation every 28 days. But I deliberately use this factually inaccurate liberal jargon to show that this is exactly what the left now thinks – that men can get periods.

In a nearly seven-minute home video, Jamie Dodger details her extreme displeasure at having recently painted the town red, given she’s been undergoing hormone therapy treatments for more than five years and the whole process had temporarily stopped. She even said her hormone levels had checked out “normal” at her last visit to the doctor, and that there's "no specific reason" this happened (except for, you know, the fact that she's a girl).

But apparently, a bazillion years of basic biology doesn’t grind to a screeching halt just because you want it to.

“I just sat there,” she admitted, seemingly confused at the return of a perfectly normal bodily function. “And I had pins and needles, and I could barely walk.”

“It was horrible. Like, it was just a really yucky moment,” she said. “I’d forgotten that my body could still technically do that.”

This clearly confused young woman is actually lamenting that her body is doing exactly what it was meant to do. It’s not automatically responding to her gender whims, just because she said so. It’s functioning exactly as it was programmed, and it’s doing so out of the anatomical plumbing that it came with. Why?

Because wishing you were a guy doesn’t make you one. And simply feeling like a dude does not a hoo-hah erase.

Even fully “transitioning” – a process more accurately labeled “mutilating” – doesn’t magically rearrange your chromosomes into that of the opposite gender. A woman becoming a man just because she thinks she’s one is about as realistic as me sprouting wings just because I decide I’m a bird.

But now, thanks to left-wing bubbleheads who're likely to "progress" us all right off a cliff, people like Jamie aren't getting the help they need. Instead, they're being encouraged in their delusion to the point that they're absolutely floored when their bodies do totally natural (albeit understandably irritating) things.

If there were any further proof needed that a female can’t simply “become” a male, it’s the fact that Jamie here just got her period.

Because unlike crazy left-wing gender-benders, biology doesn’t care how you feel.

If you have seven minutes with nothing else to do, here’s Jamie’s lament, straight from her own scruffy lips.

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