Guy Gets 6 Years in Prison After Firing a Gun In a Strip Club Bathroom While Taking a Selfie

Lianne Hikind | August 15, 2017
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In a bizarre but not wholly unsurprising turn of events, a Florida man was sentenced to six years in prison for firing a gun in a strip club restroom where he was attempting to take a selfie.

Not much is known about this super classy man and his plan gone wrong, but Rorn Sorn pleaded guilty in April to possession of a deadly firearm as a convicted felon and has finally sentenced on Monday, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Tampa. Sorn is also a part of the Asian Pride Gang.

The Associated Press is reporting : 

Court documents say Sorn was at Club Lust in St. Petersburg in December when his gun discharged. The bullet went through the mirror and into the adjacent women’s restroom. No injuries were reported.

Sorn also has prior convictions including burglary and attempted first-degree murder, so not his first time at the rodeo. 

I'm sure there's a lesson in all this, though I do wonder why he brought the gun with him to the restroom into a strip club bathroom in the first place, and what the heck it had to do with taking a selfie.