Gutfeld: It’s a 2-Way Race Between ‘Bad Boy’ Trump and ‘Safe Date’ Rubio

Ben Graham | February 23, 2016
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On “The Five” Monday night, Greg Gutfeld gave his thoughts on the state of the race for the GOP presidential nomination. 

Despite Sen. Ted Cruz’s confidence, Gutfeld said that Donald Trump beating Cruz with evangelicals, “his people,” is a bad sign for his campaign.

Which, in Gutfeld’s mind, leaves the GOP field with only current front-runner Donald Trump and the rising Sen. Marco Rubio. He said that Rubio is the “safe date” in comparison to Trump and his popularity representing the “unknown” as a political outsider and a “bad boy.”

"And there's the rub," Gutfeld said. "Conservatives, as a rule, prefer the known. Hence, ‘conservative.’"

Gutfeld said Trump’s the air of mystery won’t sustain Trump forever. Eventually he needs to “ditch the mystery for specifics.”

"The only reason not to, is if he's got none," Gutfelt said. "That's the problem with 'bad boys': They get by on being bad.”

Trump does well with people for “telling it like it is,” but Rubio “wins on his electability,” he added.

"As you fret over Hillary or Bernie, it pays to ask which one matters most.”