Gun-Free DC Logged More Than 200 Homicides For the Second Year In a Row

Brittany M. Hughes | January 4, 2023
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The federally run, left-wing stronghold of Washington, D.C. has officially clocked in at 200 annual homicides for the second year in a row, proving once again that unfortunately for law-happy liberals, criminals don’t much care about the rules.

The nation’s capital logged 203 murders in 2022, a few shy of the 227 the city saw in 2021. Given that D.C. comprises 68 square miles (far smaller than the average city's 355 square miles), that's about 3.3 murders per mile - and, if you consider that the city also includes some of the most heavily guarded structures in the country between the White House, Capitol, and dozens of federal buildings, the murders are even more concentrated, making the neighborhoods they occur in even more dangerous.

But the shocking wave of violence couldn’t possibly be due to liberal policies that promote the rampant poverty and social ills that lead to crime - that wouldn’t be politically convenient. Instead, Police Chief Robert Contee is blaming out-of-town guns for his city’s high murder rate, pointing the finger at firearms without ever addressing the fact that murder (like concealed carry in D.C.) is already illegal, but that hasn’t stopped criminals from doing it.

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Kinda like, you know, how pointless gun laws don't stop bad people from shooting folks.

But lest you be rethinking that Smithsonian trip with your family this Spring, know that not all is lost. While you may be at risk of getting shot to death by an armed criminal while unable to defend yourself thanks to the city’s strict gun regulates on law-abiding citizens, the Washington Times notes that “On a more optimistic note, [Contee] did acknowledge that violent crime is down 7% overall from 2021 and property crime is down 3% in that same period.”

So other than all the murder, everything’s going splendidly.

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