Gun Control Activists Say They're Planning a 'Die In' at Disney


It’s funny. Normally, taking children to Disney World keeps them from throwing hissy fits.

But not the residential anti-gun crowd, who’re planning to ruin some poor five-year-old’s family dream vacation to see Mickey Mouse with their incessant moaning about gun control.

A National Die-In Twitter page (yeah, there’s one of those now) hinted that the movement in which people literally just lay down on the floor is heading to an unnamed Disney-owned location.

While the actual location wasn't named in the tweet, most are speculating it’s Walt Disney World in Orlando, near the scene of the Pulse Nightclub shooting two years ago this month.

So here’s where we’re at. Anti-gunners have decided that clogging up the walkways of the Happiest Place on Earth and wrecking little kids' chance to hug Goofy is the best way to protest law-abiding people's constitutional right to own firearms.

And Twitter wasn’t happy about it.

Even some gun control proponents were quick to point out that this is pretty messed up:

Gun control activists have already held similar “die-ins” in front of public buildings, in the streets, in front of the White House, at Ted Cruz's office, at Trump's property in Mar-a-lagoand at a Publix supermarket (that one really backfi—uh, never mind).

They’re also planning to lay on the ground in front of Republican politicians’ offices. Interestingly, the one place they’ve said they won’t “die in” is at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, ostensibly the one place that could have done something to prevent the Parkland massacre…but didn’t.

So, Disney it is.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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