Gullible Cornell Students Sign Fake Petition Calling For Valentine's Day Ban

Nick Kangadis | February 14, 2018
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When you attend an Ivy League university, you know you’re going to come out the other side a fully indoctrinated individual.

College students have been so brainwashed that they felt compelled to sign a fake petition calling for the banishment of any campus Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Campus Reform Media Director Cabot Phillips visited Cornell University to see just how much faux outrage exists on college campuses. Phillips posed as a student claiming to be gathering signatures for a fake petition requesting a ban on Valentine’s Day celebrations on campus.

As you would expect from the “upper-echelon” of academic achievement, students whole-heartedly agreed with the petition, because they think Valentine’s Day isn’t inclusive enough for single people that don’t have someone to celebrate the day with.

Here’s the video:

Ugh. Someone needs to give these college indoctrinators — otherwise known as professors — a review of their curriculum. Are these institutions of "higher learning" actually teaching these kids anything, or are they simply filling impressionable youth with radical Leftist rhetoric?

Judging by the hilarious reaction to the fake petition, it seems like the answer is the latter.