Guess What Virginia's Governor Brought to an Anti-Gun Rally

anthony.christopher | September 11, 2015

Why did Governor Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) bring an armed body guard to Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun rally in Washington, D.C.?

Watch Governor McAuliffe try to justify his special privilege of being armed while on the Capitol grounds of Washington, D.C. at the Sept. 10 anti-gun event.


His claim that Virginia doesn't have background checks is misleading and false. According to, firearm purchases in Virginia require a background check, and the gun show "loophole" that he mentions has been debunked. Irony lost. 

The anti-gun advocacy group "Everytown for America" that pushes to disarm American citizens is nothing more than liberal hypocrisy in plain sight. 

Why is it that Washington bureaucrats feel that they are allowed to be armed and defend themselves in public, but the American people aren't? 

Remember when outspoken anti-gun critic and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg refused to, in the spirit of gun control, say he would disarm his security team?

Watch investigative reporter Jason Matera try to get an answer:



As you can clearly see from the video, Mayor Bloomberg refuses to answer the question and has his massive entourage of security stiff-arm the reporter as he boards the SUV. 

Should we allow the Washington elite to have access to firearms because they are more virtuous, honest, moral, and forward-thinking than the rest of us?