A Group Plastered Fake Trump Stars All Over the Walk of Fame, and It Was Hilarious

Caleb Tolin | August 10, 2018
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A new group that calls themselves “The Faction” is protesting the West Hollywood City Council’s proposal to completely remove President Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame by plastering faux Trump stars all over the famous landmark.

The Faction posted a video on Instagram of them putting down one of the 50 vinyl stars that they applied on Thursday, warning that if Trump's star is permanently removed, they will be putting up a whole lot more and will “manifest your Trump Derangement Syndrome demons.”


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“Keep taking down the @realDonaldTrump star, and we will further spread Trump Derangement Syndrome by installing a never ending stream of stars,” the group tweeted on Thursday.

"I didn't want to get hit over the head from behind. We thought Trump Derangement Syndrome was a joke, but I'm pretty sure it's real," the artist told the Hollywood Reporter. "If no one peels these off, they could last there for 10 years."

The group paid about $1,000 for the stars, money they said came from "a young and anonymous entrepreneur."

Unfortunately for The Faction, the stars were peeled off, including one outside the Hollywood "Ripley’s Believe It or Not" museum. One employee said, "We didn't want to have what happened to the old star here. Not only would the star be destroyed, but it would damage our property."

The West Hollywood City Council proposed to remove Trump’s star after vandal Austin Clay destroyed the star a few weeks ago, a move that was praised by several anti-Trump celebrities including Robert De Niro and Chelsea Handler.

(Cover Photo: Glenn Zucman)

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