Group Letter Urges Publishing Companies To Reject Books Authored By Trump’s Former Staff

Sergie Daez | January 27, 2021
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Any former member of President Trump’s administration who is hoping to publish their memoirs may have trouble finding a publisher. 

According to, a letter arranged by young adult writer Barry Lyga vehemently urged publishing companies to reject any submissions from such people.

The letter was co-signed by 586 American “writers, editors, journalists, agents, and professionals” as of January 25. It stated that the reason for rejecting book submissions from former Trump administration personnel was because:

“No participant in an administration that caged children, performed involuntary surgeries on captive women, and scoffed at science as millions were infected with a deadly virus should be enriched by the almost rote largesse of a big book deal. And no one who incited, suborned, instigated, or otherwise supported the January 6, 2021 coup attempt should have their philosophies remunerated and disseminated through our beloved publishing houses.”

Horseradish. They just want to suppress right-wing and republican voices. 

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden's new administration is planning to both enact and revoke laws with the aim to increase abortion access. If the signers of this letter condemn people who “caged children,” will they tell publishers to decline submissions from those who abet the killing of infants?

The deceitful letter ended with the statement, “We believe in the power of words and we are tired of the industry we love enriching the monsters among us, and we will do whatever is in our power to stop it.”

The "power of words" is real, and the signers of this letter are using it to twist the truth to fit leftist propaganda. 


(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)

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