Groundbreaking: Disney Debuts First Plump Protagonist

Jason Cohen | November 1, 2022
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Teen Vogue praised Disney’s first plus-size main character, a bloated ballet dancer named Bianca in the new animated short film called Reflect.

Of course, the plot is about self-love and not self-improvement. Bianca’s weight does not hold her back at all. Despite her stout stature, the trailer shows she can jump high in the air.

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It is a nice message, but unrealistic and promotes poor health. The fact of the matter is being obese is both a detriment to ballet and health. 

Teen Vogue describes it as “a story about moving beyond the way you see yourself to discover the true beauty and power within.” 

Inner beauty and power are great, but so is physical fitness. Disney should not glorify obesity. This short film is a sign of our sick society. 

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