Groundbreaking Canadian Scientist Denied Grants Due to ‘Insufficient’ Diversity Statements

Gabriel Hays | December 21, 2021
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You want more proof that everything woke turns to sh*t? Look no further than the case of a university scientist whose potentially life-changing research is now being underfunded because he’s not putting out the right “equality and diversity” statements.

Imagine if someone had the brilliant idea for the serum to cure cancer, but wasn’t given proper funds to produce the cure because he didn’t support Black Lives Matter. Yeah, this story is almost that ridiculous.

According to outlet The College Fix, one Canadian science professor and researcher has had his funding dry up in the last couple of years because he hasn’t been that interested in virtue signaling with official diversity statements. 

McGill University Chemistry Professor Patanjali Kambhampati, a man who has conducted “cutting-edge research” in chemistry and physics, told the outlet that he has lost out on two grants because his diversity and inclusion statements haven’t been up to par.

Of course, we all know – especially in a post-George Floyd world – that showing how woke you are or how committed you are to dismantling the white patriarchy which runs the world now seems to be as or more important than the work you do.

Anyways, Kambhampati – a man who literally develops “lasers and laser-based instrumentation to measure the motion of electrons and atoms in materials that might be used in anything from solar cells to flat panel displays to lasers to next generation computers” – is not getting the money he needs for this work because of wokeness.

Since he started work at McGill’s chemistry department in 2003, he had no problem receiving grant money. Over the last 15 years he managed to acquire over $7 million “from the government of Canada in addition to various organizations, provinces and corporations.”

Yet, the professor told The College Fix, “In the last two years the federal grants have begun to ask for equity, diversity and inclusion statements.” He explained, “Initially, they started asking us to state our EDI position, which is a new thing,” and added that last year, “federal agencies said we’re going to look at your EDI statements first and foremost. That will be the gatekeeper.”

So, according to the researcher, you have to prove your fealty to progressive ideology if you want to keep your totally unrelated science work afloat. Geez.

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Apparently, the professor didn’t quite understand what the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada – the federal group providing one of the grants – wanted from him. He initially (and naively) gave them a statement pledging he would use his experience as a “racialized minority, from the 3rd world, from three nations” to “provide a more inclusive and equitable environment for an ever increasing bandwidth of people.” 

Even though that seems perfectly fine to us, the government deemed this "insufficient" and not specific enough. They denied him a grant. The professor shared the denial letter with The College Fix.

The letter, written by Director of Research Partnerships Jennifer Bean, stated:

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion considerations in the application were deemed insufficient. The training plan did not adequately describe specific, concrete practices that will be put in place to ensure that EDI is intentionally and proactively supported in the training plan.

Oh, no. So, apparently, we are all potentially denied research that could lead to next generation computers because an Indian man didn’t say the right woke words? Yup, everything woke turns to sh*t.

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