Gross! Canadian Man Allegedly Get Toronto Cop to Admit Nudity in Front of Kids is Okay at Pride Events

Nick Kangadis | June 29, 2023
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Apparently, allegedly according to one Toronto police officer, it’s perfectly acceptable for grown adults to be naked in front of children as long as it’s part of a “Pride” event.

Self described “strong child advocate” Rob Primo recorded a phone call with Toronto police inquiring about the laws surrounding public nudity, particularly around children.


“I just want to make sure I’m not working outside of any laws or anything like that,” Primo said before asking his question. “If you want to be out in the street, you have to be fully clothed and you can’t be naked or anything like that, right?”

“Well, I mean, there are naked people running around on the street,” the officer responded.

“But, is that against the law?” Primo followed up.

“That would be some mental health issues,” the officer said.

“Okay, I agree with you on that one,” said Primo.

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That’s when Primo adjusted his question to inquire about the nudity, especially naked men, being around children at Pride events.

“I’m having a hard time,” Primo began. “Yesterday, I seen a bunch of people naked in front of children and police officers seeing men with their penises out in front of kids, and I’m just wondering if that’s acceptable…”

“Was that part of the Pride you mean? Was that on the weekend?” the officer inquired.

“Yeah, I was at the Pride parade,” Primo clarified.

“Yeah, yeah. So that’s always the issue there each year,” the officer said.

“What’s the issue with that, sir?” Primo pressed.

“I mean, that happens every year,” the officer responded.

“Oh, so like, it’s kind of like, it’s okay for when it’s at the Pride parade, but it’s not in other situations, obviously?” Primo asked, wanting a clear answer as to the legality of it.

“Exactly,” said the officer. “I would say so.”

Primo wrapped up the call, thanked the officer for his response and ended the video.

At the very least, the officer was honest about the clear double standard given by governmental bodies towards the “oppressed” LGBTQ community. It’s not the officer’s fault that’s how Toronto selectively applies the law.

Gross, Toronto. Just gross.


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