Grooming on Display: 'Family Friendly' Dallas Drag Show Sees Kids Giving Scantily-Clad Dancing Queens Money

Nick Kangadis | June 6, 2022
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(Writer's Note: Some strong language in both the videos and tweets.)

Child abuse and grooming is alive and well in the United States and, over the weekend, the epicenter was in Dallas, Texas.


Those were the words put in giant neon lights for all to see at the “Family Friendly Drag Show” on Saturday at bar in Dallas sickeningly titled, "Drag The Kids To Pride." Because nothing says “family friendly” like your child asking you what the above phrase means and possibly having to literally "drag" them to one of those shows.

But if you thought that was all the depravity shown to children at the event, think again. You could’ve taught your child about economics by allowing them to give money to men dressed as women in lingerie twerking and attempting to dance.

Here’s video of some of the "festivities":

I don’t care if people are offended anymore. The parents that brought their kids to that show should be reported to child protective services, who ironically would probably not care.

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Some people showed up to protest the event, calling the people participating child abusers and groomers.


After the “show,” Alex Stein — the comedian you might know from his satirical speeches at local city council meetings — confronted one of the performers, who hightailed it away while Stein told the drag queen in question that they “should be ashamed of yourself dancing for little children.”

There was another incident involving a presumably gay man in which he spat at a woman filming, telling her that she was going to Hell.

Going to Hell for what? Opposing the grooming and abuse of children?

You want to be gay? Fine. You want to be a lesbian? Fine. You want to be a tranny? Fine. You want to be a drag queen? Fine. But keep that BS in front of consenting adults only. Just because the Alphabet Mafia has some kind of kink of performing for and in front of young children doesn’t make it okay.

As for the parents that bring their kids to this crap, you’re pigs who should be jailed for subjecting small children to your own perverted preferences. Yes, they’re your children. Yes, you should be able to raise your kids as you see fit. But all that goes out the window when you intentionally subject them to clearly adult content.


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