Greta Thunberg Arrogantly Laughs Off Reporters' Questions About Private Jets In Davos

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 22, 2023
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In a scene epitomizing how the fascist, bankster-media-government gang feel about us and the notions of respect, rights, and honest debate, pop news darling Greta Thunberg recently took a moment out of her globe-trotting theatrics to walk the streets of Davos, Switzerland on the occasion of the World Economic Forum.

And when independent reporters asked her honest, substantive questions about matters supposedly important to the Climate Cult, the now 20-year-old Fearmonger Extraordinaire dismissively laughed and lobbed snide, non-responsive wisecracks instead.

Thanks to the work of Ezra Levant’s Rebel News team, microphones and cameras caught it all, offering what could be the most fitting example of how the globalist elite scammers view the rest of us – we energy-deprived, regulation-caged, privacy-invaded “serfs” they seem to think are supposed to populate the bottom of their technocratic pyramid.

The scene played out in almost Kafkaesque fashion, as the crowd-funded, voluntarily-supported Levant, Australia Bureau Chief Avi Yemini, UK Rebel News Reporter Callum Smiles, and Deacon Father Calvin Robinson walked beside Thunberg and a gaggle of fawning pop media members to actually ask her real questions.

After Levant, Smiles, and a reporter whom Levant later noted worked for NBC, asked four questions that got absolutely no response or even acknowledgment, Smiles appeared to break through to her with:

“Greta, how did you get here today? What was your climate footprint to get here?”

A legit question.  In fact, his question offered Thunberg an opportunity to tell people how she somehow carries on all her world-spanning sojourns without breaching her mythology about evil carbon emissions. It’s a chance for her to offer constructive suggestions to allies who might want to learn from her great Climate-Care modus operandi.

Finally, she responded. With…

A laugh. And not just a laugh – an extended, mocking, childish giggle.

Of course, how one perceives such a kid-like response from this woman who now is two years older than many of the soldiers around the world -- that’s subjective. But Thunberg arguably is the most famous “Climate Activist” in history, and she’s been at it for at least half a decade. Surely, an honest question like that could engender an honest, respectful reply?

If you’re a member of the narrative-protected elite, of the corporatist-government cabal who’ve enjoyed the complicit, unquestioning publicity of dinosaur media, government-favored conglomerates, and collectivist politicians, you don’t have to respect anyone. That’s the point. Do not question them.

When Smiles next asked, “Greta, how do you feel about discussing climate change with the delegates here when nearly all of them take private jets?”

Another valuable, substantive, reality-based question, especially if one truly believes the “carbon-output” fearmongering. And yet, no reply.

So, Smiles tried a different tack, asking, “Do you think, at least, the fact that these delegates take private jets is a bad thing, against, you know, what you believe in?”

Dead air.

Why not respond? She has shown absolute ferocity when targeting private property and consumers and politicians who don’t impose draconian restrictions on energy sales and use. Why not comment on the WEF hosts and attendees being some of the biggest hypocrites in the history of mankind?

Of course, one cannot criticize Thunberg. Her family has told people she has Asperger’s, which makes her socially awkward. Yet, for years she has taken the world stage, appeared on television with friendly interviewers, chatted amiably with German “police” as they all posed for photos during her recent “arrest”. It seems reasonable to expect from this seasoned climate alarmist a modicum of respect and mindful replies.

No. In fact, one must reiterate, we cannot question Greta, and doing so can be depicted as badgering a woman who can be socially awkward when asked substantive questions.

When Smiles asked her why these Climate-concerned Davos visitors couldn’t conduct their conference like so many of us have had to do – via Zoom, adding, “Surely, you should be telling all the delegates here, especially the likes of US Special Envoy for Climate Change, John Kerry, surely you should be saying to these people, ‘You should be doing this via Zoom, with a much smaller Carbon Footprint -- surely?’”

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Well, Greta’s concern over climate and fuel use and private planes and big cars and catered food and hotels led her to utter one smarmy syllable.


Levant tried a different approach.

“Greta, energy prices in Europe have never been higher. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?”

Given that people in Germany began scavenging for wood to heat their homes, that the national political class across Europe are starting to threaten energy rationing and punishment for the sin of having a warm shower, one might think Thunberg would exhibit some concern for her European neighbors.

All she offered in response was a tart-looking smile; and she sustained her ineffable affectations -- peppered with responses of childish laughter -- for many carbon-packing paces as the group moved along the snowy sidewalk (snow, caused, no doubt by the Goliath of Anthropogenic Climate Change) until Levant asked her:

“Have you ever been on a private jet?”

That inspired Thunberg to sarcastically respond:

“All the time, yes.”

Which not only drips with the aforementioned sarcasm, but it also deflects at a moment when she could offer a factual answer -- even to calm any fears her supporters might have about that issue.

Robinson earnestly followed Levant by saying, “This is your opportunity to tell us what you care about and what you’re fighting against. You seem to be joining the establishment, not fighting them anymore.”

Precisely right, and she could answer with great distinction.

No. More laughter, comments about “I have many private jets of my own…” and flip attitude until, finally, to Robinson she offered:

“I don’t take anything seriously, so just-- I laugh all the time, so don’t take it personally…”

Well, that sure does come as a surprise. One might have thought Thunberg was serious in 2019, when she became famous for her screeching “How DARE you!” histrionics at a UN conference – that well publicized moment when she accused evil carbon users of destroying her future – and, soon thereafter, when she purportedly began devoting much of the time she could be in school to, instead, fighting the dread beast Climate Change.

If she believed the WEF invite was important enough to inspire her to visit Davos and rub elbows among the Special People, one might have thought that laughing at valid questions from honest reporters might seem incongruous and appear elitist, beyond belief.

Perhaps most incredible, in the final moments of their attempt to engage with the Climate Change Propaganda Princess, Smiles said to her:

“You know, you laugh about this, but, surely, if it’s such a big issue, it’s surely not a laughing matter. I mean, this is an opportunity to try to get people who don’t agree with your message – to try and see it from your side of the view, and try and maybe change their ways. Surely?”

This extracted her longest interaction… another empty response not only implying that her trip to Davos was not serious – which calls into question her hierarchy of “importance” when it comes to energy use for travel – but also exposing her final defense card.

“Yeah, I wish I could tell that to myself sometimes, to take things more serious, but, you know, I’m just a young person. I tend to laugh at most things.”

Not funny.

This shameful example of sarcasm, disrespect, deflection, non-engagement, excuse-manufacturing, and double-standards would destroy the credibility of anyone who honestly wanted to engage in debate and voluntary interaction.

But Thunberg’s entire modus operandi always has been to toss around emotion-based rhetoric when it can get camera time, to pose in stunt “protests” designed to push dangerous anti-freedom legislation, to offer tactical, on-the-fly and completely insupportable claims when they serve the moment and the emotion, and to dodge any real attempt to engage with the people she wants to push around via the government.

And all of it is done with a clear, obvious disdain for the little people she accuses of being ignorant climate-destroyers, the people she wants to see strangled of energy and of better chances in life, the people she wants the government-corporate plotters at Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum to control, right down to their food and the temperature of their bath water.

Her insufferable, fact-lacking treatment of the real reporters in Davos is the perfect reflection of precisely how the whole, enormous cohort of world-government elitists view the rest of us.

We are to be ordered around, managed, and controlled. And if we speak up?

They laugh.

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