Great Job! 6-Year-Old Boy Opens Lemonade Stand to Raise Money For Date With Mom After Dad Passes Away

Nick Kangadis | July 30, 2019
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There’s no substitute for good parenting when raising a child into a productive, rational member of society. One Denver mother is, and should be, very proud of her 6-year-old son who kept a very important promise to his late father.

Brady Campbell and his father, the late Brandon Campbell, came up with an idea while Brandon was battling colon cancer for Brady to earn enough money to take his mother, Amanda, out on a date — start a lemonade stand.

According to Fox 31 - Denver (KDVR), the younger Campbell “opened the lemonade stand the day after his father Brandon Campbell passed away from colon cancer.

That is one brave little boy who just wanted to do right by his mother and father. His father taught him that if he wanted to have or do nice things in life, even for others, he would need to earn it himself — whether that means monetarily or in terms of integrity.

“My dad and I came up with the idea of a lemonade stand to take my mom on a date because I didn't have enough money and I wanted to pay, so I did it,” Brady said.

Again, this is a 6-year-old. This is also what good parenting does. It teaches common sense to a child who inevitably knows better than most adults. Responsibility is contagious if taught from a young age.

“Maybe we will have our Friday night date night,” Amanda said. “Brandon and I used to do that, so I think we will start that and take the time to spend that time together.”

It sounds like there’s a lot of love and dedication to family in that house.

KDVR also reported:

Brady’s mother Amanda says about 75 people showed up that day[…]

Brady raised $244 the first day. Then, a neighbor set up a virtual lemonade stand on GoFundMe to raise even more money for Brady, his mom and for cancer research[…]

Brady is still planning the date with his mom. He said she likes sushi and they will get ice cream for dessert. He wants to make the date a weekly occurrence.

“It was amazing. You could just feel the warmth and energy and such a positive thing in such a tragic time for us,” Amanda said. “It really lifted our spirits and really made Brady so happy. Brandon was a savvy businessman and wanted to teach Brady all those lessons, and I could just [see] it happening. It made my heart really happy.”

Amanda also said that the majority of the donations they receive will go towards the Brandon Campbell Memorial Fund at the University of Colorado and Colontown, “a support group for colorectal patients, survivors and caregivers.”

Condolences to the Campbell family and friends of the family for their loss. Keep up the good work, Brady!

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