GQ Writer Says Black People Should 'Bark' at White People For Speaking


(Warning: Possible spoiler for "Black Panther")

According to this guy, black people should "bark" at white people for speaking without permission. 

Anti-Western civilization GQ writer Damon Young wrote an op-ed for a blog site, where he's also the editor-in-chief. After seeing the new film "Black Panther," Young decided to adopt a method of one of the movie's main characters, M'baku.

Apparently - and I have yet to see the film - M'baku, along with his tribe, bark at people when they speak out of turn.

"One thing, however, that we can and definitely should start doing is what M’Baku and his Que Dog Jabari tribe did when encountering a problematic white dude who was speaking when there was no ask or need or purpose for the thoughts and opinions of problematic white dudes," Young wrote.

So, in Young's eyes, if you're white and end up in a conversation with a black person, you're not allowed to speak unless spoken to. Classy, and a really great way to sew the racial divisions actual racists are always talking about.

Young continued:

Not a purposeless bark. This isn’t a Shih Tzu barking through the window at a squirrel. Instead, this would be an intentional bark. A targeted bark. An overpowering bark. A drowning bark. A Wakandan bark. A bark meant to communicate, “Um, who told you that you can speak? When it is time for your words, we will let you know. And maybe that time will never come. We’ll see. Now, just shut up and stand there. Maybe get on your phone and Google ‘How not to be a colonizer.’ Whatever you do, I want to hear you not speaking.”

Wow! That level of unquestionable racism is typically reserved for members of the KKK or Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

To be honest, would barking really be the most constructive way to stop someone from speaking? I mean, if someone barked at me, I'd be thinking, "Okay, something's wrong with this guy?" Of course someone would naturally stop speaking if someone else were barking at them. It's weird. It would probably also ensure that the person wouldn't try and communicate with the "barker" again.

Maybe being so obnoxious that no one will talk to you is a good way of squelching discussion. 

As for Young, the old axiom seems to ring true once again: "The biggest racists are the one always crying racism."

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