GQ Writer Gives Non-Apology For Saying Trump Has 'Radicalized...More People Than ISIS Ever Did'


If you’re going on national TV to comment about pretty much anything, you might want to leave your personal feelings at home and just bring the substance, unless you're being interviewed about yourself. Once something comes out of your mouth on live TV, you can’t take it back. You can blame what you said on whatever you want, and you’re free to say whatever you like, but just know that there’s the consequence of brutal criticism when you say something stupid.

GQ writer Julia Ioffe, the same woman who previously implied in a tweet that President Trump was having sex with daughter Ivanka Trump, opened her dumbass mouth again on Monday, telling CNN that Trump “has radicalized so many more people than ISIS ever did.”

Here it is:


Ioffe meant exactly what she said, because immediately following her ISIS comment she tried to qualify it with substance that doesn’t exist.

That's why Trump, while in the middle of an interview with Fox News' Laura Ingraham, said Ioffe "must be some kind of a sick woman" without referencing her by name.

You can see the president's comment here:


Listen, Ioffe can say whatever she likes, but don’t follow it up later in the same show with a half-assed apology that wasn’t an apology at all.

Here’s Ioffe’s non-apology:


Screw your personal problems. If you’re so wounded by what’s going on in your personal life that it makes you blurt out the most asinine BS, then you probably shouldn’t go on live national television. We all have our own problems. Having problems doesn’t make you special or give you an excuse. That might sound a little heartless, but it's the truth.

Was Ioffe also having personal problems when she fired for suggesting in a tweet that Trump was engaging in incest with daughter Ivanka?

Too many excuses, Julia. You said it. Own it. If you’re truly sorry, then apologize. If you’re not, then don’t. I’d respect that much more than the limp-wristed non-apology you gave in response to people, even those sitting around you, thinking what you said was moronic at best.

H/T: Daily Caller

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