Gov. Noem: ‘The Truth Is All The Facts And I Would Appreciate It If Our Media Would Remember That'

Eric Scheiner | April 10, 2020
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South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem had some harsh words for the media on Friday.

Noem was asked about the 3 day shutdown of the Smithfield Foods Processing Plant in Sioux Falls, following a series of workers testing positive for COVID-19.

Noem said the state Department of Health will be working closely with Smithfield plant management to help ensure all CDC guidelines are followed at the workplace.

But Noem had some searing words for how the press has been covering the issue.

“I think we all read the news stories last night, watched our TV stations, watched some stories that have come out. You know, I think that the concerns of those workers needs to be looked at and considered by everybody,” Noem said.

“And I encourage Smithfield to do that as well. But I also know that when you don't hear all the facts of a situation and when the media doesn't cover all the facts of a situation, you're doing a disservice to the public that you need to get the whole story, get both sides of the story. 

Do the investigative work that it takes to tell the truth. And I haven't seen that in every single story that's been going on in South Dakota. I think that when a story is only told part way, or you've left out facts to make sure that it was a story that grabbed headlines. That's unfortunate. And it's not helping the situation that we have here in South Dakota. The public deserves the truth. And the truth is all the facts. And I would appreciate it if our media would remember that.”