Gov. Noem Launches ‘Back To Normal’: People Are The Power Of Gov’t – ‘Not The Media’

Eric Scheiner | April 29, 2020
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South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has signed an executive order to help her state get "Back to Normal" following the Coronavirus pandemic.  

The “Back to Normal” executive order  gives guidance for individuals, employers, health care providers, schools and local governments. The state never issued official "stay at home" orders.

“Our state motto is – ‘Under God, the people rule.’ That is what our system of government is all about. The people of South Dakota are the source of the power and the legitimacy of our government, not the media, not the politicians, not political parties. That's a healthy perspective for an elected official to keep in mind,” Noem said on Tuesday.

“So in today's plan, I am not announcing any new government programs, more red tape, more prescriptive phases or tight controls or anything like that. That is not South Dakota. Rather, the plan I'm unveiling today puts the power of the decision making into the hands of the people where it belongs. Today's plan relies on South Dakotans to continue to exercise common sense, reasonableness, innovation and a commitment to themselves, their families and in turn, their communities.”

The plan says individuals should continue to practice good hygiene and to stay at home when ill. 

Retail businesses and restaurants are to resume operations in a manner that allows for reasonable physical distancing, good hygiene and sanitation.

Schools are to continue remote learning and consider a limited return to in-person instruction to "check-in" before the school year ends. 

According to reports, South Dakota has had 2,313 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the outbreak began.

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