Gov. Jay Inslee Says He 'Hasn't Heard Anything' About Protesters Taking Over Huge Chunks of Seattle

Brittany M. Hughes | June 11, 2020
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Mobs of protesters have overrun an entire section of Seattle and essentially declared themselves independent from the rest of the country, setting up their own perimeter, establishing their own "law enforcement" and harassing residents and businesses unlucky enough to be caught up in the fray.

And apparently, Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee doesn't know anything about it.

Or, at least, so he said this week at a press conference.

“There’s this thing called the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. What’s your thought on that and the fact that the protesters are not allowing people to come and go freely?” a reporter asked Inslee.

“Well that’s news to me, so I would have to reserve any comment about it. I have not heard anything about that from any credible source,” Inslee responded, laughing.

The reporter didn’t press the governor on his statement, instead moving on to a question of how long Inslee intends to utilize the National Guard.

It’s interesting that a sitting governor wouldn’t know anything about a hoard of Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters taking over several city blocks to set up their own commune in one of his state’s largest and most populated cities – despite the situation being widely shared across social media and by both local and national news outlets.

Protestors with the “Free Capitol Hill” movement have used old fencing, police barricades, plywood and various debris to cordon off an entire 7-block section of the city, including the block that houses the local police precinct. They’re calling the area the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” and have essentially declared it its own country. The squatters have erected ramshackle living accommodations and formed posses of armed guards patrolling the perimeter and shaking down businesses within their community “limits.”

As for what they want, the movement released a list of "demands" earlier this week that includes retrying all black criminals imprisoned for violent crimes, abolishing the police department and all local juvenile detention facilities, and hiring black doctors specifically to treat black patients.