Gov. Cuomo Pardons Fraudsters, Cop Killers & Thieves On Way Out Door

Gabriel Hays | August 24, 2021
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On his way out of office, alleged serial sexual harasser and nursing home COVID killer Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) is pardoning some very hefty criminals, some with life sentences for armed robbery and murder.

Well, cretins certainly have to look out for one another.

The Washington Times reported on August 23, that in the last hours of Cuomo's governorship, he pardoned six different criminals. Cuomo, who officially resigned on August 23, after announcing his resignation on August 10 – under pressure from a New York prosecutor’s investigation into his history of alleged sexual harassment – thought it would be a farewell gesture to pardon several people with more than 200 combined years of hard prison time over their heads.

It’s not like these men were busted for overblown drug charges or petty things such as that. These men included convicted cop killers and people who made off with a million dollars in high stakes robberies.

One of the men pardoned by the disgraced governor is David Gilbert, a political radical of the '60s who participated in a robbery of $1.6 million dollars from an armored vehicle in 1981. In addition to the robbery, a guard and two police officers were killed in the operation. A horrific crime, of course. The outlet wrote, “Through Cuomo’s action, [Gilbert] will be referred to the state parole board for potential release, the governor’s office said.”

Gilbert is 76 and had been given a life sentence. In a press release about the pardon, Cuomo praised the strides Gilbert has made while being in the big house. He was a “tutor, law library clerk, paralegal assistant, teacher’s aide,” among other things. He also apparently “made contributions to AIDS education and prevention programs.” Hey, maybe he ended up being a good egg. 

In addition to pardoning high profile burglars this week, Cuomo’s last actions included granting clemency to four murderers who had been serving lengthy sentences. The Washington Times explained, “together, those men have served 143 years behind bars on murder convictions.” Yeah, sure, let ‘em out. 

Governor Cuomo also pardoned major fraudsters like private equity fund manager Lawrence Penn. He served two years for "falsifying business records in connection with allegations he stole millions of dollars from investors.” Two years for possibly stealing millions? Cuomo is a generous guy, isn’t he?

And let’s not forget the gratuitous clemency the “Love Guv” showed the previous week of August 16 when Cuomo pardoned 10 people including one Jon-Adrian Velazquez, a man convicted of the murder of a retired police officer in 1998. Velazquez had been sentenced to 25 years to life for the conviction. 

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