Gov. Abbott: ‘Federal Government Needs To Unleash The Oil & Gas Sector’

Eric Scheiner | October 6, 2022
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The failed efforts of Biden administration to convince OPEC, the international cartel of oil producers, to increase output was confirmed on Wednesday as the organization announced a significant cut to output, to raise oil prices.

Just a day earlier, Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott was at Port Houston where he encouraged the federal government to allow America to produce it’s own energy.

“Europe is learning the hard way what happens when countries rely upon despots for their energy needs,” Abbott said.

“To provide Americans and the world with reliable energy, the federal government needs to unleash the oil and gas sector in Texas as well as in the United States,”  Abbott said.

“It means accelerating the permitting process and helping assist  - as opposed to punish-  production. A lot of that production that occurs, whether it be in the Permian Basin or the Eagle Ford Shale or other places in the state of Texas, it winds up right here. From here it'll go to parts across the entire globe.”

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Abbott later added, “I say this in one particular context, and that is we live in a time when a lot of American families are frustrated about the rising cost because of inflation. Sometimes inflation like that can be caused by regulations.

One of those regulatory efforts is underway as we speak right now, with the Biden administration seeking to impose EPA based regulations in the Permian Basin That could lead to one or two things. It could lead to a reduction in production or could lead to an increase in cost of that production. Either way, it's going to lead to increased inflation of what you will be paying at the price of the pump.”

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