GOP Utah Gov Will Veto Law Protecting Integrity Of Women’s Sports

Jay Maxson | March 6, 2022
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A Republican politician from Utah is refusing to oppose the transgender movement threatening female sports, and it’s not Republican In Name Only Sen. Mitt Romney. It’s the state’s GOP governor – Spencer Cox, who just wants so-called “transgender female” frauds to know everything is going to be all right. 

Utah’s state legislature on Friday became the 12th state to recently ban men from competing in women’s sports. Signing this bill into law should be a slam dunk in conservative Utah, right? A state with a Republican governor, too. Apparently not. Gov. Cox promised that he’ll veto the bill. 

“I just want them to know that it’s gonna be okay. We’re gonna work through this,” Gov. Cox said of transgenders. Kumbaya to you, too, gov. 

Cox thinks transgenders have been treated unfairly throughout this national controversy about bigger, stronger males dominating women’s competition, reports Breitbart’s Dylan Gwinn. And the women who are taking a back seat in their own sports to men are not being treated unfairly? Give it a rest, gov! 

Gwinn goes on to write, “The governor’s planned veto comes after months of tense, behind-the-scenes negotiations between lawmakers and activists as they attempted to craft legislation that would give schools a framework for dealing with athletes who identify as members of the opposite sex.” 

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The bleeding heart governor participated in these negotiations. He was aware of and involved with the negotiations throughout the process. There was talk during that time of creating a state commission to examine boys attempting to masquerade as girls and participate in their sporting events, on a case-by-case basis.  

There was fear that a law passed by the legislature could be struck down by the courts. For instance, the neighboring State of Idaho passed a ban and that law was struck down by a lower court, then appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. 

The commission never happened, and the legislature passed a ban in hopes of evening the playing field for bona fide females. The bill contains a provision that, should it get struck down by the courts, a commission could then be formed. Which would make no sense, because girly men wannabes will have inherent advantages over females in practically every instance of joining women’s sports teams. 

As every sensible person knows, “Boys can run faster, they can jump higher, and they can throw farther than girls in the same age bracket,” State Sen. Curt Bramble, a Republican, pointed out. “To have individuals that are born male compete against naturally born females, it’s an unfair playing field.” 

The LGBT group seeking to nullify genders in sports, Equality Utah, reacted to Friday’s bill passage with shock, and issued this statement: 

‘We have failed our state’s transgender children, who just want to be treated with kindness and respect.” 

LGBT groups prefer a small number of males who are totally confused about their gender be allowed to cross over into and dominate female sports. Just so we can all treat them with kindness as they steal trophies and championships from the rightful female recipients. 

Who’s treating the females with respect when the adults who should know better allow the Will “Lia” Thomas’s to wreak havoc on the competitive balance in their sports? He’s the Penn U. swimmer smashing records in Ivy League women’s swimming. 

Unlike her Utah counterpart, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds is on to this whole transgender ruse. Late last week, she signed a ban on males in female sports at the high school and college levels. That law took effect immediately, and now only biological females are allowed to compete on women’s teams.  

“The law allows students to sue if they believe they have suffered ‘direct or indirect harm’ based on a school violating the law,” USA Today reported. “The Iowa attorney general’s office will represent schools and school employees in lawsuits, and the state will pay any legal costs.” 

Gov. Reynolds said this is a “fairness issue” for women’s sports careers. “Girls have dreams and aspirations of earning a scholarship to help pay for college. Girls have dreams and aspirations of one day competing in the Olympics. So it’s a fairness issue.” 

Iowa Sen. Zach Wahls, a Democrat, is crying a river over Iowa’s new law. He called it “appalling. She (the governor) is showing once again that she’s more interested in scoring political points than caring about the impact of legislation on some of the most marginalized kids in our society,” he said in a statement. 

Sam Ames, of the Trevor Project, said Iowa’s attempt to protect the integrity of women’s sports is merely an attempt to “isolate transgender youth.” It’s also about using the “most marginalized constituents as political pawns.”  

That’s pure balderdash. If you want to know about marginalized youth, read more here and here.