GOP Tax Plan Lifts Gag Order on Political Speech For Churches

ola olugbemi | November 3, 2017
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House Republicans released a 429 page tax reform proposal on Thursday -- and added a big surprise on the very last page- plans to destroy the Johnson Amendment.

The Hill reported that the new proposal would do away with the 63-year-old law prohibiting churches from endorsing political candidates without consequence.

President Trump has been vocal about destroying the Johnson Amendment throughout his term in office, as well as on the campaign trail. The new House tax proposal, which favors people of faith, seems to fall right in line with his campaign promises.

The statement about churches being able to speak openly about political campaigns is found on page 427 of the proposal.

Some have criticized plans to remove the Johnson Amendment due to the tax-free status many religious organizations currently enjoy. NPR purported that churches and similar faith-based organizations could potentially turn into “bigger money players” in politics, as donations to the church could be influenced by political campaign discussions.

(Cover photo: Wikimedia Commons/Elizabeth A. Armour)