GOP Rep Says Democrats Intentionally Abused Impeachment to Smear Millions of Trump Voters

Sergie Daez | February 16, 2021

Even before it kicked off more than a week ago, Trump's impeachment trial was already a foregone conclusion in the minds of many. Everybody knew the Democrats didn’t have enough votes to convict former President Donald Trump. So why did they bother to proceed with the trial?

According to Breitbart, Louisiana House Representative Mike Johnson believes that Democrats continued the impeachment trial because they were trying to besmirch Trump supporters. 

“They really wanted to use impeachment as a vehicle because they wanted to equate all those tens of millions of Trump’s voters and all of his supporters and everybody who came to the rally, they wanted to equate all of those people with the couple hundred criminals who came in and ransacked the Capitol,” Johnson said on Breitbart News Sunday.

Democrats demonizing Trump supporters? Nothing new. After all, the only way they can get Americans to vote for them is by portraying their own opponents as intolerant racists, religious bigots, and, apparently, violent rioters. (Meanwhile, the Democrats still insist that their supporters in Black Lives Matter held entirely peaceful protests.)

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Johnson noted that the Democrat Party’s use of impeachment against the already-former president sets a new precedent.

“You are lowering the bar [for impeachment] now. You weaponized this," he said. "You turned it into a political weapon to be used by the majority party against a president they don’t like. You opened a Pandora’s box that we may never be able to close again.”

He then detailed how impeachment was supposed to be used.

“What the Founders had in mind when they set up this impeachment article and the idea behind it was that it would be so serious that the decorum would be so appropriate for the weight of a moment like that. It was sort of presupposed. It was understood, of course, that you would afford due process. They didn’t need to spell out the federal rules of the civil procedure in the Constitution for something like this because they thought that everyone would be acting like adults.”

“What [Democrats] tried to do [is] to raise ‘cancel culture’ now to a constitutional level,” Johnson noted.

Leftists aren’t capable of adult behavior, but of course one can’t blame the Founding Fathers for that.