The GOP Is Finally Trying To Disarm Federal Bureaucrats

P. Gardner Goldsmith | July 10, 2023
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Finally, some GOP-ers in D.C. are waking up to the problem of armed bureaucracies – or making it look like they’re doing so.

Nick Pope reports for the Daily Caller:

“Several Republican lawmakers have introduced legislation which would disarm enforcement agents from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).”

One can quibble with Pope’s use of the far-too-popular euphemism “lawmakers” instead of the more precise “politicians” or “members of Congress,” since, technically, the Law is Natural Law, handed down by the Creator, and these folks write statutes, which are edicts from the generic state. But the gist of what he's writing is important. Adds Pope:

“Republican Rep. Clay Higgins of Louisiana introduced the No Funds for Armed Regulators Act of 2023 on June 30, joined by seven co-sponsors. The bill would disallow the use of taxpayer dollars to hire or retain armed regulatory enforcement agents in the EPADOL and IRS if it becomes law.”

The key there is “armed regulatory enforcement," a term that stands as a linguistic mask for the more precise descriptors: “threats,” “commands,” “diktats,” and “edicts.”


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Not only is the U.S. Constitution not designed to allow these fungus-like offices, it was precisely this kind of “regulatory enforcement” – imposed over a much smaller proportion of their lives than ours – that in 1776 drove the American rebels to fight the War for Independence against Britain.

“’Deep state bureaucrats continue to push their executive authority into every corner of America, treading heavily upon your rights and devouring your wealth,’ Higgins said in a June 30 press release. ‘This bill is a key step in pushing back against the oppressive tactics being used to enforce regulatory policies.’”

And these GOP members of the House are not alone.

“Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa introduced her own bill on June 30 which would expressly bar the IRS from buying weapons or equipping its agents with firearms, titled the Why Does the IRS Need Guns Act.

The IRS had approximately 2,100 armed agents in its enforcement division as of April 2023, according to a report from Open The Books. The agency bought $10 million of weaponry and related equipment between the onset of COVID-19 and April 2023, including purchases amounting to $5 million in 2021 alone, according to Open The Books.”

And then there’s the Environmental Protection Racket– er, “Agency.”

“The EPA currently has 150 enforcement agents who are allowed to carry firearms for their duties, according to an EPA spokesperson cited by E&E News. There were a further 48 agents in the EPA’s inspector general’s office allowed to carry as of November 2017, according to a 2018 report from the Government Accountability Office.”

But…but...but how will the Internal Revenue Service provide its money-grabbing “service” without also threatening us with guns?

Whether they are or are not armed themselves, lurking behind all government bureaucrats are armed government police, who will descend on us should we not comply with the initial orders and court papers, and should we simply ask to be left alone.

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These proposals likely will not pass both houses and the “reconciliation process” that typically brings slightly different versions of Senate and House bills together. And few people could doubt that gun-grabber Joe Biden would veto the proposal, because, despite his and many of his supporters’ bluster about stopping so-called “gun violence” by making it harder for peacefully-minded civilians to obtain guns, he and his ilk ceaselessly support gun-backed threats and violence against those very civilians.

In their call for armed bureaucrats, will they claim that these aggressive agents of the state need guns for “self-defense”? Not only is that inverted and insulting, it belies their own claims that we civilians don’t have a right to keep and bear arms for self-defense.

And let’s be certain, bureaucrats, from the outset, are not engaging in “self-defense” of anything or anyone. They get their income via involuntary taxation. They enforce threats and diktats. There is absolutely zero predicate on which any bureaucrat can claim to be engaged in “peaceful” actions or intent. And that’s important, constitutionally, morally, and practically.

This GOP move is encouraging. But the promoters of the two bills could do better.

They could abide by their oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. They could propose the elimination of most of these unconstitutional, immoral, and unnecessary agencies. But for now, it’s up to us to recognize the standing armies among us. And to see that -- whether their stuffy bureaucrats are the ones carrying the guns, or they are backed by police “enforcers” who carry them -- all political institutions are police states, backed by some form of “standing army," ready to engage in gun violence against people who have the natural right to be left alone.

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