GOP Activist Leads Effort To Clean Up Baltimore

John Romero | August 8, 2019
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The heated war of words that were exchanged about Baltimore between President Trump and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) resulted in at least one man tacking action. Scott Presler, a Republican activist, decided he would organize volunteers to try and help clean up parts of the city.

With 170+ volunteers they were able to clear out 12 tons of trash from the streets of Baltimore. Talking to the Glenn Beck Radio Program Wednesday Scott Presler described his reasoning for the clean-up saying, 

I was inspired by President Trump's tweet. There was a lot of talking going on — everybody was whining, complaining. Nobody was actually doing," Scott said. "I put out one tweet — just one tweet — saying, 'I'll go to Baltimore, even if it's me on the street corner all by myself, and I'll pick up trash.' And that one tweet went viral, and people all across the country were saying, 'Scott, how can I contribute? What can I do? How can I support your efforts?' And so, I never thought that Monday was going to be a nationwide effort, but it truly was.

So after he and his band of volunteers clean this community up - some in the liberal media were quick to criticize.  Outlets like the Baltimore Sun questioned the motives of Presler while some even labeled him a right-wing extremist.  

Others have praised Presler for his efforts, including many in the neighborhood where the trash was cleaned up. Presler says he hopes to come by once a month to keep the streets clean. 


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