Gone To the Dogs: NYC Requires a License To Dog-Sit

Maureen Collins | July 20, 2017
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In New York City, you need a license to take care of someone else's pet. 

Today, the New York Daily News detailed how New York City's dog owners have a bone to pick with the requirement, which is costing new dog-walking apps like Rover.

Rover is an app that matches dog owners with nearby dog sitters. But that's illegal to do without a license, under the existing state law. 

Rover's general council, John Lapham told the Daily News, "If you've got a 14-year-old getting paid to feed your cats, that's against the law right now. Most places right now continue to make it easier to watch children than animals, and that doesn't make any sense." 

It is also expensive. The starting fine for daring to dog-watch without a license is $1,000. Woof. 

The article suggests that pet owners in New York City might have an easier time boarding their dogs in a kennel. But that also costs more, as all kennels must be compliant with NYC Health Code. Boarding pets is considered a luxury that not many pet owners have. 

According to the New York City Health department's website, you also need a license to own a dog. These can cost from $8 to $34 dollars a year and require an application. 

New York City is known for it's hefty bureaucratic red-tape -- from banning extra large sodas to fighting the popular ride-sharing app Uber. But how doggone excessive are regulations that go after man's best friend? 

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