GoFundMe Set Up for Restaurant Employee Who Spit on Eric Trump

Eric Schaffer | June 27, 2019
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In a development that should surprise absolutely no one, someone set up a GoFundMe page to support the restaurant worker who allegedly spit on Eric Trump Tuesday night.

In the GoFundMe description, someone going by the name Brian claiming to be a friend of the accused restaurant worker wrote, “My friend allegedly spat on Eric Trump and got fired. That's what happens when we bring the crises from our neighborhoods to the people causing/getting rich off those crises. I want to make sure she's good to go until she finds a new job, and that she won't have to worry about paying any legal fees etc. Throwdown to support this young badass who wasn't going to let some jagoff bully get away with his nonsense.”

Brian continued to say that for now, he was keeping the worker anonymous to “keep her and her family safe…”

The campaign received over five-thousand dollars in donations before being shut down.

Here’s the twist: The GoFundMe page was apparently fake, or set up for a person claiming to be the employee accused of spitting on Mr. Trump.

According to Block Club Chicago:

... the woman is not The Aviary employee who actually spit on Trump in a much-publicized incident Tuesday night, and the man who created a GoFundMe for her has now shut it down and is trying to return the donated money… 

But sources confirmed the women are not the same.

The fundraiser was launched after a woman falsely posted on Facebook saying she was the person who had spit on Trump — the son of President Donald Trump — and had lost her job as a result…

Then, a man who knows the woman created a GoFundMe for her.

Something that instantly caught the eye of some was that the GoFundMe post suggested the employee who spit on Eric Trump was fired, which she wasn’t.

According to the Alinea Group, which owns several restaurants in the Chicago area including The Avery, “We have not yet spoken with the employee but our HR team has, in the meantime, placed her on leave,”

It is quite funny, however, that many who were willing to support a woman who allegedly spit on someone who merely had a difference in political opinion were duped out of over five grand.

(Cover Photo: Flickr / Gage Skidmore)