‘In God We Trust’ May Be Heading Back To School In Alabama

Eric Scheiner | August 15, 2018
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In March, Tennessee passed a measure requiring that public schools display the "In God We Trust" motto. 

A month ago, Alabama allowed the motto to be displayed on public property. Currently there is an effort in that state to let both the "In God We Trust" motto and the Ten Commandments to be displayed in public school buildings.

Blount County Superintendent Rodney Green tells AL.com a school policy on "In God We Trust" could be crafted within the next month.

‘You would think that something that passes the Legislature won't be challenged in the courtroom but we all know that it can and probably will,’ said Green, who oversees a school system with more than 7,800 students spread out over 17 schools north of Jefferson County.


Green is consulting an attorney while crafting the school policy.

‘It's a tsunami of Christian national laws in our country right now,’ said Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Madison, Wis.-based Freedom from Religion Foundation. ‘The upcoming election will say a lot about the direction of our nation. With the Republicans in charge of Congress and so many of these states, we are seeing a constant push for theocracy.’

Part of the legal wave Gaylor is focused on will wash up before Alabama voters on Nov. 6.

That’s when voters will be allowed to decide whether the state's 117-year-old constitution should be changed to allow public schools and buildings to display the Ten Commandments.

A clip of the promotional video from the ‘Ten Commandments Amendment’ Facebook page is available above.

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