GMA: ‘Surprising’ Trump Still Polls Higher Than Hillary

Eric Scheiner | April 24, 2017
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Former Clinton administration communications director George Stephanopoulos shared his surprise Monday morning, that his network ABC, conducted a poll that showed if the presidential election were held again today Trump would still defeat Hillary - this time with the popular vote.

Good Morning America discussed a series of polls, leading with Trump’s approval rating of 42%, but towards the end of the segment they touched on one poll that the GMA anchor found “surprising.”


“Jon, let's stick with that poll for a second. You point out a lot of the challenges for President Trump in the poll, some of the warning signs for Democrats as well,” Stephanopoulos said. “One of the biggest warning signs for Democrats, this surprising result if you re-ran the election today.”


Reporter Jonathan Karl responded, “Yeah, this is very interesting. If the election were re-run today with those who voted in 2016, Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton.”

“And George, it's 43/40, that means he would beat her in the popular vote, which of course, he didn’t do in the real election.”

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