Global Warning! Armed Robbers Stealing Winter Coats

Eric Scheiner | January 31, 2019
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During the last few weeks in Chicago, people have been robbed of their Canada Goose jackets.

The city with some of the strictest gun laws in the country, is now reporting that its (mostly unarmed) populace are being robbed of the coats off of their backs  - by armed criminals.

The Chicago Tribune reports that over the deep chill of past few weeks, police claim there’s been a rash of thefts in which people wearing the luxury coats have been targeted and forced to give up the brand name jackets. 

Six times in just eight days, offenders have confronted victims and forced them to turn over their jackets police told the local CBS affiliate last week.

The Canada Goose website notes that the expensive jackets made their "on-screen" debut in 2004. Among the films to feature the coat that year was the film “The Day After Tomorrow” .

While no one can predict if the thefts will happen tomorrow or the next day, historically they have happened in various parts of the globe. The coats have previously been taken in Boston, and Canada Goose coats, along with similar knock-offs, have been taken from robbery victims in the UK.


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