Giuliani Slams Obama: 'Cut Out The Political Correctness'

Monica Sanchez | January 8, 2015
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Many have criticized Pres. Obama for “not coming on strong enough” regarding Wednesday’s Charlie Hebdo terror attack in Paris, France.

In his remarks, President Obama called the incident “senseless violence” as opposed to an explicit act of Islamic extremism.  

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani slammed Obama for showing “weakness,” comparing his apparent lack of conviction to that of past U.S. presidents Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy.

“This would be as if Ronald Reagan wouldn’t have used the word ‘communism’ or John Kennedy wouldn’t have used the word ‘communism’ and described them as a ‘senseless enemy.’”

He continued, “This is not a senseless enemy. This is an enemy with sense. They have an ideology. They have a philosophy."

"You can call it a distortion of a religion, which it is, but it’s still an ideology that they follow.”

Giuliani went on to comment on how the president needs to be assertive in isolating and condemning this particular ideology, which evidently has the ability to “inspire others to kill.”

“First of all, it’s a sign of weakness,” he said. “And secondly, it doesn’t organize the world against it.”

"We've been talking about this for five years. We're lucky he didn't call it workplace violence," said Giuliani, referring to the administration's controversial labeling of the Fort Hood terror attack, reported Fox News.

He added how failing to isolate this ideology and its practitioners makes it more challenging for moderate Muslims to differentiate themselves and speak out against the extremism.

 "I think we should cut out the political correctness,” Giuliani argued.

“This is Islamic extremist terrorism. It is not the entire Muslim religion."

Watch the full interview above.