Girl Sues CA Doctors For Chopping Off Her Breasts At Age 13

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | June 19, 2023
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A young girl’s life is permanently damaged all for the sake of pushing the leftist agenda.

18-year-old Layla Jane, just sued the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and the Permanente Medical groups in California after doctors removed her breasts when she was at just 13-years-old. Jane and her lawyers are suing over “ideological and profit-driven medical abuse.”

Jane says she was pushed to “entertain the erroneous belief that she was transgender", according to the lawsuit she filed .

When Jane was 11-years-old, she thought she was a boy. As a result, her parents took her to Kaiser Permanente medical group, where she sought guidance from doctors on next steps to take as a female identifying as a male.

The Epoch Times reports three doctors told Jane she was “too young for cross-sex hormones.” But eventually, other doctors prescribed her with both puberty blockers and hormones to initiate the formation of male-like features. 

According to the lawsuit, Jane only had to attend a single, 75-minute session with psychologist, Susanne Watson in order to receive hormone therapy. Then, six-months later, after only a 30-minute session with Dr. Winnie Tong, a plastic surgeon, Jane’s breasts were removed. 

“Defendants did not question, elicit, or attempt to understand the psychological events that led Kayla (Layla Jane) to the mistaken belief that she was transgender, nor did they evaluate, appreciate, or treat her multi-faceted presentation of co-morbid symptoms,” the suit reads. 

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Now that Jane has “de-transitioned” and resumed her real identity as a female we can imagine her parents, are heartbroken at the damage these doctors conducted. There’s no reason a doctor should have the power to enable and conduct surgeries and procedures for young, confused children and get away with it.

An 11-year-old child likely can barely make mac ‘n cheese, why in the heck should kids of this mental capacity be able to make decisions that would negatively impact the rest of their lives? Spoiler --- they shouldn't!

Jane is currently undergoing psychotherapy for numerous mental health issues that resulted from the process.

The suit indicates that doctors didn’t provide Jane with what’s called “informed consent,” as they didn’t tell her about all of the possible side effects of the procedure. It's alleged they simply told her that having the surgery and taking hormones would be the only solution to solving the dysphoria she felt as a young kid. 

Jane herself put it best when she said, “The law says children aren’t mature enough to make serious decisions that could have long lasting consequences like getting a tattoo, driving with friends, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or even voting. So why is it acceptable for 13-year-olds to decide to mutilate their body?”

Jane was recently interviewed by another de-trasnitioner, Chloe Cole, where the two talked more in depth about her experience and how horribly she was treated. The trailer is below and the full interview is available here. All of it shows just how far the left will go to push progressivism. 

Jane has to rebuild her mental health as her life is changed forever because doctors took advantage of a young mind and manipulated her parents into thinking these procedures were their only option.

These doctors are among the sick people who use children and their beautiful God-designed bodies and minds to push the leftist lies and agendas that you can be whatever you want, whoever you want and look however you want and risk/ruin your life to do so. 

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