'Get Over It! These Buildings are Insured!' Chicago Activist Angry at Those Upset by Looting & Rioting

Nick Kangadis | August 24, 2020

The perception used to be that activists fought for other people who were less fortunate than themselves. These days, “activists” try to create the illusion that they care for others when often all they want to do is “take down the system.” Keep in mind this is the same system that allows them to display said activism for the world to see, at times without police interference while including the destruction of others property.

At a recent press conference, “activist” Alycia Moaton got very upset while speaking about people who focus on the looting, “throwing water” at police officers and burning down high-end stores in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile shopping district. More than one portion of what Moaton, who appears to be vehemently against police in all forms, said during her fiery speech is garnering attention.

They [police] beat us up every single day, not even just at protests. Every single day we are targeted and profiled — not just at rallies. Every single day we are arrested, and locked up and not given our rights. Every single day, they come into these streets and laugh at us and mock us, and call us names. And they know they can because people are letting them do this.

No. No, they’re not. I understand being passionate about a subject. Cops are not beating people up for no reason “every single day. Sure there are exceptions, but I’m sorry, they’re just not. Nobody is laughing at you — well, maybe besides Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Ironically, Moaton is not a fan of Lightfoot’s either.

Moaton went on to talk about how ridiculous she feels it is that people get upset at “activists” who throw water bottles at police officers. What Moaton neglects to tell you is that the majority of those water bottles are frozen so that it’s as if rocks are being thrown at cops. You know, to make it hurt when they get hit.

The young “activist” then said one of the dumbest things said yet at one of these “rallies.” Moaton posited that people shouldn’t be mad at looters and rioters because businesses have insurance, essentially condoning the crimes being carried out against businesses and people that have nothing to do with what they’re “protesting peacefully” against.

“People are worried about looting and there are literal lives being taken away,” Moaton said. “There are people who are dying and y’all are mad about people looting the Mag Mile? Get over it! These buildings are insured!”

How very ignorant.

This has nothing to do with George Floyd or racism anymore. This is clearly about disrupting the American system in order to force Marxist values —which is an oxymoron itself — on to everyone else.

Moaton is right when she says that “there are literal lives being taken away. In fact, since the rioting and looting began following the death of Floyd, “an estimated 30 people have died” during the unrest, according to The Federalist. That’s at least double the number of unarmed black people killed by police in all of 2019, depending on the statistics you’re looking at.

Just because you’re mad about something doesn’t give you the right to destroy something of others. It doesn’t matter how much insurance those businesses or private citizens have. Even if the business in question has insurance, what about the employees of that business that now don’t have a place to work, at least in the short term?

Maybe if “activism” wasn’t a profession these days, people would begin to understand the importance of hard work. They could begin to blame their problems on themselves instead of deflecting blame for their shortcomings on everyone else.

H/T: Breitbart

For video of Moaton's comments, watch below: