German Woman Undergoes Transition Surgery to Become Black

Bryan Michalek | June 26, 2017

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In the puzzling world of race transitioning, introduced to us by Rachel Dolezal, one woman has decided to go a step...well, about 10 steps further, undergoing cosmetic surgery to transform into a black woman.

German model Martina Adam, also known by her celebrity name Martina Big, gained media attention for enhancement surgeries that made her breasts the largest in Europe. Now, the surgery addict has set her sights on becoming a black woman.

In her first leap, Martina darkened her skin and dyed her hair from blonde to black. In addition, she also enlarged her lips, got a nose job, and brought her breast weight to a dramatic 12 pounds, according to Access Direct, a Romanian media network.

Since her transition, the model has received mixed reviews from people online. Her fans have expressed their admiration for the dramatic change, while many others have outlined a clear disgust. Here are a few of the less-than-thrilled responses:

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This backlash does bring up an important question. Are the same people who are now denouncing a racial transition also in favor of gender transitions? And if so, why is one type of transition more valid than another? Perhaps the dichotomy can best be seen in the two vastly different reactions to "transgender" Caitlyn Jenner, who was widely accepted by the left (political views notwithstanding), versus the "transracial" Rachel Dolezal, who was heavily criticized for daring to embrace blackness as a biologically white woman.

The debate over Dolezal's legitimacy in contrast to Jenner's was based on many people's definitions of gender and race, as well as the difference between a "choice" and something more intrinsic within the mind. Dolezal's objectors claimed that she made a choice to "transition" to being black -- but isn't that the same argument used against gender transitions, or even homosexuality? 

Understand that there is a direct hypocrisy in saying one group of people can change into the person they want to be when it comes to gender, while crapping on another group for making a similar decision based on race. If personal liberty is supposed to be championed by the left, then shouldn't they be able to come to terms with trans-racialism, too?