Geraldo Apologizes For Saying Matt Lauer Was Just 'Flirting' With His Alleged Victims

ola olugbemi | November 30, 2017
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Geraldo Rivera decided to throw in his two cents defending his old buddy and pal Matt Lauer’s termination from NBC on charges of sexual misconduct in the workplace. And boy, did he blow it.

In a Wednesday afternoon tweet-storm, Rivera seemingly tried to tamper the serious accusations against Lauer with the caveat, “News is a flirty business,” suggesting that Lauer was just trying to get his flirt on with the women at NBC and that our society may be "criminalizing courtship."


Twitter users were not amused, as one user used an article from Variety to point out that Lauer not only allegedly preyed on victims that were beneath him on the NBC hierarchy, he had a button under his desk that afforded him the privacy needed to carry out his sexual misdeeds.


Rivera's employer, Fox News, didn’t seem to like his tweets either, evidenced by their statement disavowing his views on the matter and informing users that they would confront him, according to a CBS News report.

In response to all the blowback he received, Rivera soon changed his tune, sort of.

(Cover Photo: Mark Taylor)

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