Georgia Reinstates Abortion Doctor Whose Botched Late-Term Abortion Patient Bled to Death


The Georgia medical board just reinstated the license of an abortion doctor previously jailed for Medicaid fraud who once botched a late-term abortion so badly that his patient bled out and died in a local emergency room.

And, if that weren't bad enough, the Atlanta Journal-Consitution reports Tyrone C. Malloy was first sanctioned in 2004 for making medical mistakes that ended in the death of a newborn baby delivered via C-section.

"In 2004, the state medical board fined him $5,000, saying he failed to order an emergency C-section for a mother with a fever and a fetus with a decelerating heart rate, according to a public order," the Journal-Constitution reports. "Instead, he left the hospital without telling the woman’s primary physician about her condition, the state alleged. Hours later, the other doctor did a C-section and the baby died."

Malloy was sanctioned again by the medial board in 2009 after one of his patients was rushed to the emergency room with uncontrolled bleeding after a botched late-term abortion procedure. She eventually went into cardiac arrest and died. In this case, the board said Malloy had never even determined exactly how far along the woman was in her pregnancy before beginning the abortion.

Even after this deadly track record, the state Attorney General’s Office brought Malloy up on unrelated felony charges stemming from the abortion doctor’s fraudulent Medicaid claims, in which he reportedly billed the state more than $386,000 for elective abortions – which the state doesn’t pay for, by law – and ultrasounds that he never performed. He ended up spending nearly two years in prison beginning in 2014, only to be released and quietly given his license back by the state’s 16-member medical board last October.

“This composite board never fails to shock me,” medical malpractice attorney Susan Witt told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “It’s consumer beware in Georgia, in terms of when you are out there looking for a doctor.”

“The bar is very low in Georgia to hold a medical license, apparently,” she added.

The report notes Georgia's medical board is under no legal obligation to explain their decisions, though they could end up impacting the lives of countless local women and children.

Despite being sanctioned twice for botching proecdures that killed two people and spending time in jail for fraud, Malloy apparently blames “radical anti-abortion factions” for his own personal history of death and corruption.

“The vicious conspiracy to destroy my reputation, my life and that of my family by the radical anti-abortion factions that used their power and influence to come after me with hatred and an unprecedented vengeance was an injustice, up to and including, the judicial system of the State of Georgia,” he claims on his personal website.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a “vicious conspiracy” that left one dead baby and another woman bleeding to death on an abortion table. 

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