Generation Tide Pod May Be the First To Protest AGAINST Their Own Rights

Brittany M. Hughes | March 26, 2018
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Here’s my very favorite sign from Saturday’s March For Our Lives: a girl who wants to know if freedom is really more important than safety.

Simple answer? Uh, yes.
So the very first thing that tyrannical governments do to ensure the helplessness of their own people is the very thing that liberals are voluntarily lining up for like a bunch of dumb sheep at a slaughterhouse. And the right to bear arms isn't the only one they want to scrap.

Before World War II, gun rights laws in Germany were already some of the most restrictive in the world. In 1938, Hitler enacted the Gun Control Act, a law that prohibited Jews from owning firearms at all. By 1945, more than 6 million of them were dead.

During his first year in power, Joseph Stalin implemented strict gun control measures including mass registration and confiscation. He then proceeded to murder somewhere between 6 and 20 million of his own people. 

In 1911, Turkey stripped its Armenian citizens of their firearms, rounded them up, and forced them into concentration camps where they were worked and starved to death. 

One of the first things that Cuban dictator Fidel Castro did after rising to power in 1959 was to order the disarming of the Cuban people. He then imprisoned, tortured, and murdered thousands.

Today, American leftists march in the streets demanding that the government…to confiscate our guns. And the few who don’t want an all-out Second Amendment repeal want us to be left with peashooters that fire spitballs and bubbles. Because I guess if we ever have to face down tyranny, the last thing we’d want is a gun we could actually defend ourselves with. 

Across the board, “progressives” are literally advocating for the very things we use to go to war over. And this is what happens when you raise a generation that forgets its own history. They’ll happily trade freedom for security and lose both.

We are not the first generation to march and protest over our rights. Millions who came before us fought, bled and died to secure those rights. Countless victims under oppressive regimes would have done anything to have these rights. You just may be the first idiots lining up to voluntarily surrender them.


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