Gay Clubs Force AZ School District to Let Trans Kids Use ‘Preferred Name’ on IDs

Gabriel Hays | December 8, 2021
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Yet another U.S. school district is promoting extreme LGBTQ+ policies to children, thus becoming a stumbling block to their maturity and development, the literal opposite of what it's called to do.

Conservative news site, reported on December 7 that Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) added some strange gender inclusivity policies to their schools, allowing students to choose not to use their legal names on their student IDs. Instead, they can use their “preferred” names that correspond to their identities. 

So they’re letting students use nicknames? Well sort of, but considering the outlet’s reporting that SUSD was compelled to enact this strange policy by a “Gender & Sexualities Alliance (GSA) chapter at Cocopah Middle School,” it’s all about letting transgender, nonbinary, etc. students embrace their new sexual identities that don’t correspond to any biological reality.

AZFreeNews’s Corinne Murdock explained how the district dropped the legal names requirement on school IDs, which LGBTQ students had referred to as a “deadname policy.” LGBTQ kids understand “Deadname” as the name they were assigned at birth along with their assigned sexuality. 

After such individuals reject their assigned sexual identities, their legal names often are left behind as well, hence they’re “deadnames.” Yeah it’s a tad macabre, but so is pretending you're something other than what your biology dictates.

Anyways, In in a video testimonial for fundraiser for Phoenix ‘s Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network, one SUSD student revealed that her GSA club – under the leadership of a teacher – put pressure on the school district to stop requiring them to use their “deadnames” on student IDs. 

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Murdock reported, “The young students were instigated and aided by a teacher serving as their club sponsor, Laynee Langner, whose efforts helped them cinch the award ‘GSA of the Year.’”

In their own words, the anonymous student claimed, “One of my friends, who is trans, had their deadname on their ID and we thought that was kind of unfair because everyone was calling them by their deadname.” Apparently in these gay clubs this is taught to be some sort of oppression. 

They added, “We took it to district board level and got it changed for the entire district so that the entire district’s students could have their proper names on the ID.” Wow, what industrious students. 

Langner, the teacher who led the LGBTQ kids in this effort commented on the success of getting SUSD to fold, saying, “I haven’t seen such joy on the face of a child when I told them they didn’t have to have their ‘deadname’ on their ID, that they could have their chosen name on their ID… it’s just bringing tears to my eyes right now.” 

What a savior! Sure she’s crying for joy, but will she weep in ten years when some of these students look back and say that the darkness and confusion she promoted severely damaged their lives?

Seriously, what SUSD is doing is allowing kids to think that biological reality doesn’t matter and that you are what you feel like you are. So much for kids going to school to learn about the real world around them.