Gay Campground Under Fire For Banning Trans Men

Brittany M. Hughes | February 24, 2021
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A gay campground is finding itself in hot water after reportedly declaring they don’t want trans men – also known as biological women who think they’re men – to use their facilities. 

Because, as we all have learned, one can never be “woke” enough to appease everyone, and, if left to their own devices, progressives will eventually eat their own.

The privately-owned Camp Boomerang RV Park and Campground in Michigan hasn’t even opened yet, and it’s already on the wrong side of Wokeville. See, the park is exclusively open to gay men – and the owners expect you to actually be a man in order to use the grounds.

To ensure everyone’s playing by that rule, the campground has reportedly said they’ll check IDs and ensure everyone who comes in has been identified on their license as a male. The owners also said all visitors must have “male genitalia.”

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“We never said anything about ‘penis checks’, but let’s be real here. If we let women that act like men in, and they go naked at the pool, that’s when it’s obvious that there’s no penis. Sorry to put it bluntly. But if you don’t like the rules, quietly leave,” said co-owner Bryan Quinn.

That didn’t sit will with the trans and trans-supporting crowd, who believe biological women – who obviously don’t have male genitalia – can also be men, and should therefore be allowed into any park that caters to gay men. Reports of the campground's rules prompted massive backlash on social media, getting so bad the business has already had to delete its Facebook page, LGBTQ Nation explains.

But Quinn says being a private company should afford them the right to do whatever they want, even if it offends someone else, saying that "being a 'private membership-only entity' allows us all the ability to build a like-minded atmosphere.”

A privilege that wasn’t notably afforded to private businesses like Sweet Cakes by Melissa or Masterpiece Cake Shop, which were among a long list of privately-owned stores targeted by the LGBTQ crowd for declining to offer their wedding services to same-sex couples.

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