Gay-braham Lincoln? Upcoming Discovery+ Show Claims Honest Abe was 'Queer,' Joan of Arc 'Non-Binary'

Elise Ehrhard | May 3, 2022
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Pride Month is approaching and Hollywood plans to use the month of June to offend Americans with various bizarre manifestations of radical gender ideology.

On April 27, Discovery+ released its first-look featurette for "The Book of Queer," a docuseries and "queer variety show" that claims to tell "the story of multiple historic and groundbreaking queer individuals throughout history," according to Variety. Executive Producer Eric Cervini insists in the featurette that "we start with historical facts."

The problem with his insistence is that many of the documentary's claims are nuts, as a preview trailer shows. The trailer makes wild claims about Joan of Arc being "non-binary" and former President Abraham Lincoln having a sexual relationship with a man, among other things. The makers of the trailer also seem to be confused about the fact that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is not president.


Saint Joan of Arc was not "non-binary." She was a devout Catholic. Catholic theology accepts the Biblical statement "male and female He created them." It is reprehensible that LGBTQUIA revisionists would pigeonhole an unconventional woman into their gender theories as an attempt to rewrite history.

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And the falsehood that Lincoln was homosexual is easily debunked, as even left-wing historians acknowledge. Historian Charles Strozier noted in a 2017 interview with left-wing publication The Daily Beast that Lincoln's relationship with his best friend Joshua Speed wasn't sexual as activists often try to claim.

"But friendship, intimate, loving friendship like that between Lincoln and Speed, was not only accepted but encouraged as the long as the boundary against sexualization was rigidly and absolutely maintained," Strozier explained, describing 19th century mores.

In the 19th century, it was even commonplace for men to share beds because people in that period did not view such a practice between men as sexual. 

Unfortunately, the aggressive LGTBQUIA movement frequently distorts the nature of same-sex friendship and routinely places erotic connotations on heterosexual expressions of affection. This failure to grasp same-sex friendship has been deeply damaging to the culture.

The childish trailer for "Book of Queer" makes clear that this series is just another radical LGBTQUIA offense to common sense, rewriting history in an attempt to place dead heroes in service of their agenda. Apparently, Gay, Inc. now thinks any historical figure who was unconventional or merely lived according to the mores of their time can be placed under the LGBTQUIA umbrella.

There are numerous other problems with the series, including the fact that it will honor Harvey Milk in one episode, “Queens’ Work Makes the Team Work,” on June 16. Milk, the first openly homosexual candidate to be elected to public office, was a notorious pederast who raped teenage boys.

Last week, Discovery+ released a trailer for another LGBTQUIA documentary series called "Generation Drag" that sexualizes children via a child drag queen contest.

The streaming service is supposed to be a home for light, relaxing fare like cooking shows, HGTV and Animal Planet. But with these latest moves in anticipation of Pride Month, Discovery+ is throwing its brand down the sewer.